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Game Hide Tanning Taxidermist & Game Rug Taxidermy Expertise


Game Hide Tanning and Rug Taxidermy


Skull Bleaching


Game Hide Tanning and Rug Taxidermy

Species Experience
Proper Hide Care
Turnaround Time
Pricing Structure

Kaleb Moore has experience tanning the hides of many species of North American game animals including bear, beaver, fox, otter, raccoon, coyote, deer, mink, sheep, cow, elk, caribou and moose.

You can expect Kaleb to complete hide tanning or rug tanning projects in less than eight months, with most being done in less than six months.

We will also do skull bleaching for bears and European-style mounts for any game from the deer family.

Great end results begin with proper care in the field. Kaleb suggests that the hunter wipe off excess blood, when possible and cool down that hide as soon as possible. Freezing the hide within a few hours is extremely helpful in producing a great end result. Salting only need be done if the hide cannot be cooled or frozen within the first 24-36 hours.

Skull Bleaching

Wooden panels can be purchased for mounting the skull and the pricing will be based on the size of the panel needed.

Payment Terms

100 percent down payment is required to begin all tanning projects. Your hide or rug must be picked up and paid for within 30 days of notice. If requested, we are happy to arrange for shipping for an additional charge. Hides or rugs not picked up (or shipped) and paid for in 30 days will be charged a storage fee of $30 per month. Hides or rugs not picked up (or shipped) and paid for in 90 days will be considered abandoned and will be sold for the balance due.

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