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Kaleb Moore – Expert Big Game Taxidermist

Located in Wisconsin, Northwest of Madison, Kaleb’s Wildlife Taxidermy specializes in taxidermy for all North American big game animals and African big game animals. In addition, Kaleb Moore has expertise in taxidermy for waterfowl, upland birds, game fish, hide tanning and rug tanning.


African Big Game Taxidermy

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Wisconsin Big Game Taxidermy


Unique Mounts

alaska dall sheep

Alaska Dall Sheep Taxidermy

Grizzly Bear Taxidermist

Grizzly Bear Taxidermist


Game Fish Mounts

His Mission

A client’s trophy will always be treated as a “once-in-a lifetime” memory that must re-create the moment through skill, attention to all detail and capturing the client’s passion for that moment. My work must rebuild those moments.

Taxidermy Expertise

Kaleb served as a taxidermy apprentice for a family member in his middle teenage years. Since those years, he has refined his skills and created an art style that is known throughout Wisconsin and the entire Midwest. Although he loves big game work, Kaleb is very skilled at waterfowl and upland birds.

He has many dedicated clients throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois. In past autumns, Kaleb has helped hunting outfitters in Northwest, Alaska. He's helped hundreds of hunters with caping and trophy preparation of their caribou, moose, sheep, wolves and bear. Many of the clients of this outfitter see the care and skill that Kaleb has when they meet him and ask him to do their taxidermy. He has many satisfied clients in nearly every state in the country.

Values and Philosophy

As a very avid hunter (especially bow hunting), Kaleb understands that a hunter’s trophy is a very special thing. Many hunters may hunt for twenty years or more, before deciding to have something mounted. Others have chosen to take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Alaska or Africa. No matter the reason for their decision to bring their trophy to a taxidermist, he understands that they are placing their sole trust in him to ensure that their trophy is cared for and completed to the best of his ability.

That said Kaleb’s standards go further than “general expectations” for most taxidermists. He believes:

  • Natural and life-like are not enough: The appearance of the animal must evoke specific memories of the hunt and the beauty of the animal before the trigger was pulled or the arrow released.

  • Great taxidermists focus on the trophy, not the profit: Profit margin considerations do not build a return base of clients. Only the finest materials will be used in all circumstances. The latest and greatest materials and supplies will be used in his shop only after they have been proven by others to produce a better outcome and will stand the test of time.

  • Clients want their trophy back in less than one year: Far too many taxidermists take far too long to complete their clients’ trophies and we’ve all heard stories of some animals taking more than three years to complete. Kaleb always strives to complete all big game projects in less than 6 months and all small game in less than six months.

  • Clients need to understand their options: With any new taxidermy project, the satisfaction with the end result is directly related to helping the client understand the options available and making sure the final direction is fully understood by both parties. Good communications and good notes are integral to following the detail necessary to have a satisfied client.

  • Each referral is earned by hard work: The end result of every taxidermy project must be an excited client. Attention to detail, good communications and timeliness of completion must always be the primary focus.

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